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As a single woman, there have been many times that I had a strong desire to take an adventurous vacation.  Unfortunately, many vacation spots are tailored to a party of at least two. 
My prayer is that women from across the world can come together through the kindredfriendships community to travel across the world to enjoy the beautiful gift we have from God called earth.
There are many adventures to be taken: mediterranean cruises, tour of Israel, camping in the southwest United States, kayaking among the beautiful orcas, relaxing at a spa, a retreat in the North Carolina mountains, or an adventurous safari.
However, the vacations that I envision have one essential component that many group vacation outfitters do not include - PRAYER.  Prayer I believe is what will make the world change from a pattern or destruction to a blessed course designed by God. 
So I present to you - Adventurous journeys of prayer.  We will meet together and enjoy the majestic beauty that God has created, and pray for each other needs as we explore!
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