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I challenge you to read the book of Ruth in the Bible.  Well, some may say, " I am not into religion." Okay this is fine, but there are many life lessons that can be learned from those who have lived before us. Experiences of another can help us avoid similar mistakes and encourage us when we feel like a situation is too large for us. Religious or not I encourage you to be wise and learn from all of histories great women.
Ruth was a woman who made a sacrifice.  She sacraficed the comfort of her home and support system to help an older family member who was now widowed.  Ruth a young woman who more than likely had aspirations of having a family of her own decided to give to a family member in need.  Would a sacrifice such a Ruth's prevent her from fulfilling her dreams?
You can find the answer to this question in a very short book of the Bible.
Don't own a Bible. Click on this link and it will take you to an on line Bible. Click to read the book of Ruth.  Enjoy!!
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