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God Factor Saga
The Omega Journey
Blood Moons Whisper
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Book 1
First Edition: Print only
The Omega Journey ~ Blood Moons Whisper
If you knew your ending, how would you live your beginning? 
Blood moons, a temple, a forbidden love, a pandemic foretold many moons ago. 
One man abused and rejected now handsome and powerful. 
One woman, rejected due to her faith, purity, and ethnicity now beautiful and intelligent. 
Will they survive the pandemic to discover the ancient mystery causing it?
 Left Behind meets Anne of Green Gables
Books by
J. Nell Brown
The God Factor Saga
First Edition Paperback 
The Ωmega Journey: Blood Moons Whisper
Book 1 
Frozen Prayers
Book 2
Blood Moon Relics
Book 3
Autumn Rains
Book 4 
Desert Places
Shhh, My Father is Speaking and I am Listening: A Bible Study on Hearing God’s Voice
Blood Moon—God’s Warning: Why knowledge of Jewish Feasts is essential to understand the Blood Moons of 2014 and 2015
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Gabriel's Oboe
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