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Shhh, My Father is Speaking and I am Listening: Miraculous Stories from Listening to God  
A Bible Study 
Have you ever pondered the questions," Is it possible for God to direct  in our lives? Does God care if a buy a certain car, obtain a certain degree, or marry a particular individual?  Does God have a perfect will for my life?"
The answer to all of these questions is a resounding, "YES!"
God is very concerned about His children knowing His will for their lives.
This book gives a detailed account of how God has guided me through many tough decisions and tells of how God gives us direction in every area of our life. At times, God will give us a glimpse into a future direction, so we do not lose hope during the preparation period. At times, God will not reveal much. Instead, He will teach us how to walk totally by faith.
The encouragement to write this book came from my spiritual parents.  As I shared how God had been working in my life, they informed me that others could be encouraged with the stories of how God has directed.  I pray that this book will build our faith and push us to develop even more intimacy in our relationship with God!
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