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Women Friendships Community


About the Website Developer

Kindredfriendships was birthed from a desert of loneliness during my life.

Learning the art of medicine was my focus. I was dedicated to providing exceptional medical care to my patient;however, I found myself emotionally unfulfilled.

Relationships seemed to be dying around me and my own relationship loss climaxed with the loss of a love one.

I began to truly experience God's love. It was like a warm blanket being gently draped around my body after coming through a blistering cold winter day. I started to see closure to this period of my life.

Like a twinkle of light seeping between majestic trees of a dense forest guiding a lost traveler, I knew the sun would be shining on me.

Upon reflection I realized what I was looking for was friend who had lived a similar experience and could provide some guidance during this time in my life.

As humans we all experience trials in our lives, and we all experience a season where we are emotionally unavailable to others. However, during this season is when we need a friend the most.

I have realized that the only friend who can completely support us when we are troubled is Jesus. He may use a kind word from a friend, an encouraging scripture in the Bible, a smile from a stranger, or a message from a pastor.

As women, we all face many challenges and triumphs in our life. Would it not be amazing to have a community where you can find a woman to share your experiences in life. I chose the name Kindredfriendships, after watching Anne of Green Gables. I began to wonder what the world would be like if a group of women cultivated friendships of such depth as the relationship between Anne of Green Gables and Diana Berry.

Every woman has a place at kindredfriendships.

This website will be a haven for career women, hom

emakers, singles, married women, divorced women, single moms, seniors, girlfriends, new moms, grandmothers, women of all professions, women of all socioeconomic groups, women of all ethnicity and women of all religions.

We will also explore many of the social, moral, and economic issues facing women around the globe. You will find Kindredfriendships sponsored vacations, community service, charities, forums, scholarships, and guidance for many of life's challenges.

We will enjoy each other's company at world class spa resorts, fitness retreats, ski trips, and summer escapades.

We will serve the poor, provide food to the hungry, clothes to the unclothed, and shelter to the homeless.

Most of all we will build a community of love. How? Each of us will give their best and when needed ask and receive the support you need from the Kindredfriendships community.

Kindredfriendships is not a website intended from romance, so if you are looking for romance eharmony and match just to name a few would be great places to start.

For those women who are looking for a kindredfriendship, I personally welcome you to join.

Jeanelle Denise Brown

Developer of

God Speaking by Mandisa